About Us

We are a family of 8, looking to downsize and simplify. A simpler lifestyle has many rewards and to be unburdened by debt is a requirement of being free. I've played the game long enough to realize now, there is no winning it. The modern American Dream with its constant distractions, consumerist economy, attitude of never enough, and buy now, pay later is a sham. It does NOT bring happiness and it is completely unsustainable. What it brings is indebtedness, misery and an utter lack of self sufficiency. I knew this once and then forgot it, or allowed myself to forget it.

The time for action, the time to start living on purpose, with purpose is NOW. It is way too easy to live on auto pilot and let the "default" decide my direction. Is that what I want to look back on at the end of my days? Surely not. I want to live my way, aligned with what resonates in me. My hope is my children can do the same in this crazy, crazy world we live in.

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