Friday, October 11, 2013

Night Time is the Right Time

I just love laying my head down in the loft and doing some reading before bed. The space is just right. The pleasing lines of the roof, the light, airy pine cladding, the proportions are just what's needed; no more, no less. When we sleep in the big house it just feels all wrong these days. The bed is too big, the room is too big, the ceiling is too high. I used to love that big bedroom; now it just seems a waste. Funny how perspectives change.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Debtor's Prison

The house is still on the market but interest has waned considerably since the onset of early winter. “Waned” isn't entirely accurate; more like there seems to be NO interest whatsoever from people. I'm not sure when we had the last showing but it's been a long damn time to be sure. Our listing expires in December so I figure we'll let it lapse and re-list in the spring. We may have to drop the price. It's somewhat painful selling a house that I have substantially improved and made payments on for 7 years, for less than what I paid for it. Is the American Dream dead? It is in me. The big house, the picket fence, the security of home ownership and rising values; it was all a lie. By now I figured I would have $40-50,000 in equity. I'll be lucky if that's all I lose.... I'll be more careful in the future with what I put my energies towards...