Friday, March 1, 2013

Letting go of STUFF

Getting my old Marshall amp ready for sale. A guy is coming to look at it tomorrow and he will buy it. I hope he gets the same enjoyment from it I did. I've had this thing for 20 years. When I bought it I was sure, I was positive, that my path was music and stardom. We are talkin’ rockstar baby. But then came love, marriage, children and the rockstar lifestyle lost it’s appeal or perhaps just feasibility. As much as I love playing this thing, I haven't done so in years! It's still hard to let it go. Part of it is the money (taking a loss) and part of it is sentimental. Either way, this is happening and the greater yearning is for simplicity, freedom and to live in a tinyhouse of my design built with these two hands. 

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