Sunday, March 3, 2013

Found Treasures

We found two kitchen sinks yesterday at the Habitat Re-Store! That was exciting. Out very first material purchase. First the sink, then build the house around it. We also saw the range we are after at Costco for a great price, but we are a little strapped at the moment.
We taped out our floor plan for the tinyhouse on the living room floor last night too. It only used about one third of our living room! Surprisingly, it felt more spacious than imagined, like "ya, this actually WILL work." This is a good exercise that I would recommend. It helped us make a few tweaks for the better.
This is actually our old floor plan (10x20) but it gives a better idea perhaps of what's taped on the floor. It's based on this but reduced to 8x20 to fit on a trailer. 


  1. That's to funny, I have bought a sink first as well! I also did a little prototype out of a cardboard box of what mine will be with dollhouse furniture on a 1/12 scale. This is helping me tremendously.

  2. If you buy the sink, the rest will follow.... Right?